Saturday, 30 May 2009

Heat Wave

I'm serious. It's 24 degrees (75 F) today. It was 23 yesterday. It is supposed to be warmer than that tomorrow and Monday.

It's making BIG NEWS over here. For me, the bigger news is that the sun is shining for longer than 2 hours. We have a big blue sky and the sunshine feels SO good!

Yesterday, a friend had a ladies lunch so we fought over the lawn chairs, striped off as many clothes as was decent and enjoyed our lunch and chat in the garden! And I am sunburned. I don't think I've ever been excited to be sunburned in my life!

This morning Ethan has a cricket match on the coast and Scott left looking like he was headed to the beach. Shorts (which haven't been worn more than twice since we moved here), sun cream, sunglasses, hat, and flip flops. When we were here 2 summers ago looking for schools and a place to live, the weather was actually pretty good. And while we drove through the coastal towns, we both noticed the large amount of skimpy clad women and topless men. It seemed funny to us as the temperature could not have been over 70 and it still felt breezy and cool to us. Now we understand. It's a heat wave. Even though it's breezy and cool, it may not last. So you gotta get out there. As Scott drove away this morning, all I could think was that he would be one of those shirtless men enjoying the Scottish Summer!

Our days are longer and we are all hopeful for better weather this summer. Last night the sun went down after 10pm and it was bright as can be at 5:30 this morning. Scotland has experienced unusually wet summers the last few years. (I am not buying that!) And the forecasters are predicting a scorcher this year. Bring it on! Fingers crossed people. Fingers crossed.

Carpe Diem!

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