Wednesday, 6 May 2009

2X Beer

So my Cinco De Mayo post is a little late but we were celebrating here! We had another beautiful weekend and an extra day off school on Monday for a bank holiday. Friends were coming over Saturday night and I was cooking Mexican, of course. So I popped down to Lupe Pinto's Deli

and low and behold, guess what they had. Dos Equis! Lager! In the green bottle! I thought I was going to jump across the counter and hug poor Ian!

When we first moved here, we could get Dos Equis Lager at Lupe's Deli. Then about 6 weeks later, they stopped carrying it. We tried to be equal opportunity Mexican Beer drinkers. But we failed. Corona. Just didn't cut the mustard for us. Modelo Especial, good, but still not great! Dos Equis Amber, just too heavy after enchiladas and tacos.

So when I popped in there on Saturday and Ian and his co-worker had Dos Equis Lager in their hands, I just about screamed. They were having a Cinco De Mayo celebration tasting and they were trying new products including the beer. Which meant that he did not have it for sale yet! ARGH! It's a good thing I'm a regular customer though, because he sold me 2 of the 6 he had! One for me and one for Scott! Oh, it tasted so good! The sun was shining and we sat on the patio, savoring our beer! Yummy! Need to go back down there this week to see if the shipment has arrived!

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