Tuesday, 14 April 2009

One month.....

Well, I wanted to see what would happen if I waited one month to post here!

Okay, not really. But embarassasingly so, it's just taken me that long to get around to it! Thank you to those of you who've asked about the pictures of the new house. I didn't think anyone really read this blog!

We've unpacked and unpacked and we are really feeling settled into our new house! We love it. It is so much more spacious and we seem to fill up space rather quickly. Each of the boys has their own room, we have a dining room, a garage, a kitchen with a breakfast room, a guest room, 4 bathrooms, and a beautiful deck and garden and much more. God's timing and plan always seems to be better than we imagine. This house suits our family to a T and with this one jus
t down the block from our old one, we have not had to adjust to a new neighborhood, commute, etc.

So when are you coming to visit?????

Here are the pics:

Our old house is just up this hill on the right.....

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