Thursday, 16 April 2009

Child Protection Laws

Many things here in Scotland are a little more worldly, relaxed, or just managed differently than in the conservative south. My boys seem to have learned way more than I am confortable with. But when they do have laws of protection, they mean business. On thing they take very seriously in the UK is Child Protection. And one part of the Child Protection Law involves photographs. And your right to take them of other people's children.

My dad was asked a few times during his last visit not to take pictures of the children at their practices. You see, if every parent has not signed a release for their children to be photographed during school or sport functions, then they are not allowed to be photographed as a group. Even if 79 have, if one hasn't, we can't take a picture.

The week before the holidays, Ethan participated in the school theatre production of Bugsy Malone. Each Tuesday, during the last 2 periods of school, the P5, P6, and P7 children take part in a chosen club activity. This year, Ethan chose theatre. He had so much fun preparing for the production and playing his part as one of the gangsters. We loved watching him perform and only wish we had pictures of him in costume and on stage.

Shhhhhhh...don't tell but I did sneak a few shots during the performance. Just not very good ones. Any pictures I've had of the previous Christmas shows and other school events just slipped by and for some reason, it's okay to take pics during the games but not practice.

Here's Bronx Charlie.

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