Sunday, 18 January 2009

January Blues

It's been awhile since I've posted. You see, I was supposed to be hanging out with my mom in Glasgow, showing her around, shopping, going to the museums, going for coffee. You know, all of the things that we could think to do while the boys were back at school.

What did we do instead? Rest and relax while nursing fever, sore neck, back, and throat, chills, shakes (mom) and major headaches and sore body (me). We both had that nasty bug going around; that my family had been passing around since Christmas. And then we were nice enough to give it to Mims. Aren't we sweet? It manifested itself differently in all of us and poor mom seemed to have it the worst. So she and I enjoyed quiet, restful days, watching movies, reading, chatting and surfing the Internet until she decided she needed to fly home early to be in her own bed!

Boy did we understand but boy were we sad to see her go! She suffered at home another week and is finally fever and ache free.

I recovered pretty quickly here. You see, it's cold, rainy and very grey here so it's been pretty easy to stay inside and not do too much.

On that note, I am really noticing the weather this year, much more than last year. The consistent lack of sunshine and cloudy wet days is sort of getting to me. Scott felt this way last year and I didn't notice it as much. This year, different story! Scott is taking vitamin D and traveling to sunny locales. He doesn't feel so blue. I'm sure he really has a meeting or 2 but next time, I'm going too! Me, well I'm noticing.

My friend Sharon moved with her family to Doha, Qatar from Houston, Texas in August. She said that when they returned from their Christmas break in the USA, she and he husband we so blue from the lack of green around them! See for them, there is too much sun and no rain, so no green with lots of sand. And for the Nicols, so much green and so little sun. I always used to think that we had very short seasons in Texas apart from the long hot summer. The grass is always greener isn't it! Lessons, I know we are learning them each day and we'll look back on this sometime soon and say, what a ride. Our lives will be so much fuller from the blessings of these cold, wet, grey days! I just know it! I do, I really do. Now say it together boys.....I'm just kidding.

The days are already getting longer so I know we've been through the worst of winter. And the days that are dry and/or clear, WE'VE LEARNED TO REALLY APPRECIATE THEM! So for now, I apologize for moving slowly to post; just didn't have much to say. I'm off to book a sunny vacation and pop my vitamin D! Cheerio!


Sharon said...

We'll fix that sunlight problem in April. Here's to us going on some fabulous Spring Break trip. Cheerio, baby!

Linda said...

Hi, Gwen,
I'm thinking of you. That sunlight deal really must affect one's system! Have you tried taking vitamin D like Scott is?
Like you said, every day is getting longer, so hopefully you can get out more.
Love you, little cousin,