Monday, 13 October 2008


I have friends (that I will not name here) that will not allow their children to have weapons at home. I respect and understand this. Having three boys, I can appreciate why even pretend weapons can be dangerous!

Well, today as we raked the yard and made a pile of leaves, Ethan and Christopher came up with a very clever weapon. A trash bag full of leaves. I went inside to answer the phone and came back out to comic relief.

Before I could see them, I could hear them and their deep belly laughs. Then I rounded the corner to find Christopher in his motorcross full face mask helmet with Ethan swinging the said bag of wet leaves. It was aimed at Christopher's head. I was there just in time to see the impact. It knocked him down. Scary and hilarious. They both were laughing so hard that I could do nothing but laugh with them.

I love how little boys can entertain themselves! Life is GOOD!

Charlie will be dissappointed he was napping!

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