Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Thanksgiving and Karen's Wedding

Back to our trip to the US for Thanksgiving and my cousin Karen's Wedding.

Charlie and I enjoyed Thanksgiving day at Chris and Kim's Lake House with Mims and Gramps, the girls and Kim' parents. We ate and relaxed all day! Chris and Kim had cooked and cooked and the food was so yummy. We have many things to be thankful for this year and we all went around the table with laughter and tears and shared those things. Just what Thanksgiving should be! Just look at how we wore out the sweet cook!

Sorry Kim, I couldn't resist!

Then Friday, after a little shopping and a visit from my friend Andrea, we went to Karen and Jeremy's Rehearsal Dinner. Oh my goodness, I have never seen a bride so happy as Karen! The joy on her face and in her voice was so contagious, we all (her cousins) had a great time!

My dad had arranged for the cousins, aunts and uncles to toast Karen and Jeremy at their rehearsal dinner in the spirit of my grandfather, Willie FitzGerald. Dad printed out many Irish blessings and toasts that we'd all heard at our weddings. We took turns reading them to the bride and groom and laughing and crying at the memories of Pops and Grandma. One of the best moments came when cousin Cindy gifted Karen with our beloved grandparents cookie jar. You see, when Grandma passed away, all 8 of the grandchildren made a list of wishes for remembrances from their home. Well Cindy and Karen had both written down the cookie jar. Our grandmother always kept Chips Ahoy Chocolate Chip cookies in that jar. And we all went straight to it every time we were at her house. As time went by, the cookies became the soft bake store bought ones and they became stale since we'd all grown up and moved away and our visits were spaced out. But there was something about lifting the lid to that jar no matter how the cookies tasted. So anyway, Karen and Cindy had both written it down and Karen graciously told Cindy, "you take it, you have a family and will put it to use!" Cindy said, we'll share it! Well, time has passed and as a complete surprise to Karen, Cindy gifted that beloved cookie jar to Karen at her rehearsal dinner!

Saturday, Chris and Kim (and my nieces Ashleigh, Caitlin and Hannah) hosted all of the cousins down at their Lake House for a cookout lunch! It was great to catch up and to let the children all run and play!

And although I have no pictures for you to see from the actual wedding, trust me when I tell you that it was wonderful! Karen and Jeremy seemed to have a terrific time and we all enjoyed sharing in their joy! Congrats to you both!

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Lallee said...

Enjoyed seeing you!
I look forward to reading about the family in Scotland.