Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Family Christmas

Christmas in Scotland without our extended family was different for us this year but we enjoyed being in our home and celebrating with our friends here. We've been looking forward to the arrival of Mims and Gramps on the 27th for their holiday visit with the Nicols!

After a long journey, they made it and we are so excited to have them here. We exchanged our Christmas gifts at home and then loaded the car to head to NE England for a week holiday in the country!

Mims and Gramps brought gifts from Maryland (Aunt Amy, Uncle Todd, Stella and Florie).

And look what the boys opened Christmas morning from Grandma and Grandpa Nicol! Yippee, Yahoo, were they excited!

And from Aunt Kim, Uncle Chris, Ashleigh, Caitlin and Hannah.....smiles all around!

And one of our favorite gifts this year.......a goat and six chickens for an impoverished family. We decided with our cousins in Texas (Max, Davis, Drew and Whit) to exchange goats and chickens this year and I know three families somewhere else in the world will be better because of it!

Thank you all for our fantastic Christmas gifts. We love and miss you and it's not quite the same to open them without you! I thought you'd love to see these smiling faces from afar!

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