Saturday, 20 December 2008

Big Digger

As I mentioned in an earlier post, our landlords are having a driveway put in for our houses.

Now there's something that motivated our boys to get dressed a little quicker in the mornings! You see they were allowed to sit and watch the digger from the windows after they were dressed, bed made, teeth brushed and ready for school! I know, I am the nicest mommy ever. Well, maybe it didn't really motivate Ethan but it sure worked for the other 2!
This is also why the Internet and phone were down for a week! It was worth it though, our driveway was completed this morning and we'll be parking in it next week! Huge Christmas Gift (as Ethan called it) since we sometimes have to park blocks away and with groceries and small children, and that is not always convenient in the rain!

Just thought you'd like to see the digger too! (Poor workers didn't sign a release so don't tell them they've been exploited on my blog!)

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Cat said...

Hey Gwen!! We miss you guys! Great blog. Not too long ago, we had a digger outside our house and the boys would take their juice boxes and snacks out there and sit and sit and sit and watch! It was a beautiful thing! Hope all is well in Glasgow. Please tell the boys Feliz Navidad from me!
Much love,
"Ms. Cathy"