Thursday, 27 November 2008

Third Child

I am a firm believer in birth order and the way that it defines part of YOU. I am a third child. Scott is the first of three and we have three children. The dynamics of a family of five are familiar to us.

About three weeks ago, I shared an exciting bit of information with Charlie. You see, my cousin is getting married this Saturday in Louisiana and Scott and I decided there would be no way that our whole family could make it. No Thanksgiving across the pond and therefore no school holidays this week. And the Rector and Headmaster frown on missing school. So, I wrote a note to the school to say that since Charlie was 4 and not quite studying physics yet, he and I would be headed to the USA for Karen's wedding.

I waited to tell Charlie until a few weeks ago and when I did, this is how the conversation went:

Me: "In 2 weeks, you and I are going to go to Shreveport to stay with Mims and Gramps, see your Aunt, Uncle and cousins, and go to cousin Karen's wedding."

Charlie: "Just you and me? Not the brothers?"

Me: "Yes, that's right. Just you and me, not the brothers or daddy."


Charlie: "You know mom, we ARE the lucky ones." (using the confident third child tone of voice that sounded as if he'd meant to say, "the chosen ones")

I really had a hard time holding back the grin as I kindly explained to Charlie that boasting would be hurtful to "the brothers" and that we should be mindful of their feelings when we talk about this trip.

Flash forward 2 weeks and it was time for us to leave for the US. Charlie had managed to keep the boasting to a minimum and we hugged Ethan, Christopher and Scott goodbye.

I have to say, I was really looking forward to this one on one time with my baby (who's not such a baby anymore). And Scott had fun things planned for the big boys in Scotland.

It's three flights from Glasgow to Shreveport and Charlie was the ultimate trooper the whole way. As we boarded the plane from Newark to Houston, the flight attendant asked Charlie if he'd like to meet the pilots and see the cock pit. Charlie nodded his head so we greeted these very friendly Texas based pilots and chatted with them about the trip. As we wrapped up the conversation, the pilots politely asked, "would you like to take a picture?"

"Oh, darn. You see, he is a third child and my camera is in my bag in the belly of this plane. And if he'd been a first born, I probably would have been thinking about possible photo opps and would have had my camera in my carry on. But he's not, and I don't. So I now feel like a heel and my precious little "chosen one" has no picture from this fun little memory."

I didn't say this but I was certainly thinking it as I said instead, "Oh thank you, but our camera is in our checked baggage. Thanks for the visit though!"

So I wish I had that cute picture to post here but instead, you'll just have to imagine the picture the our sweet little Charlie, in the cock pit, on our adventure to the USA!

I wish you blessings this Thanksgiving Day! I feel grateful beyond measure for many things, especially our First Born, Second Born and Third Born Boys!

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Sharon said...

Funniest story -I can so relate! Am so glad you got to go home. I can't wait to hear about it. Talk to you soon! Happy Thanksgiving!