Sunday, 26 October 2008

Rainy Days

Boy do I wish I'd had my camera for Ethan's Rugby Match yesterday. It's been so rainy on the West Coast of Scotland that we are experiencing flooding. Not huge Texas floods but flooded roads nevertheless. And when most of the cars are smaller than minis, that causes problems. I admit I have had a big smug grin on my face when I drive through the water in my SUV. Anyway, rain, rain, and more rain. And cold.

So yesterday was no different. But I woke thinking there would be no way that the match would be played. It would destroy the pitch. Way too muddy. Nope. Not the case. So off we went, whole family because it was in town, to watch E's team play. Crazy. Wind blowing gale force winds. Umbrellas useless. We had to stand sideways by the pitch to watch the game so that we were not hammered in the face by the rain.
The players didn't notice the weather. They played their best match to date and won! Ethan said, "I had bigger things to think about than the rain." Like the opponents! Sorry no pics.

Anyway, the weather has been terrible. I can see why there are so many pubs in this country. The weather could get you down if you let it.

The boys are enjoying a little rainy day painting today. Don't let the light in the window fool you. It's pitch black on the other side of the house. And poor Angus, he really wants in the kitchen with that paint.

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