Monday, 15 September 2008

Body Combat

Well, I have to confess. I have just gotten back into the regular routine of going to the gym now that I can make it to class and have a little camaraderie!

In Dallas, you see, I was able to go early in the morning to the YMCA to Daryl's class before anyone else was awake in my house. This worked well for our family. Here is Scotland, people think something is wrong with you if you get up at 5:30 in the morning. The gym doesn't even open until 6:30 and there are no classes because no other crazies are up. So I could never find the friends to hold me accountable in the morning and also, wasn't quite enough time to get back home and get my crew rolling. (Scott lives on an island early in the morning before he's had coffee and put his thinking cap on so can't rely on him to rally the troops for school.)

So, back to my confession. Now that I've got a little extra time in my schedule, I can make it to classes at the gym after the morning school run! Yippee. So in Great Britain, there is a series of classes offered by most gyms and rec centers that involve some pretty hilarious moves.

Monday morning, it's Body Combat. Well, that means fighting moves. All choreographed and neat and clean. Get the picture? So the instructor is yelling (over the pop music) to think of your opponent and really mean it when you strike! Like who is my opponent? The kids that may have bullied my children? the guy that cut me off on the way to school? Can't think of anyone today. Sometimes it's hard not to laugh in class! And anyone that went to Daryl's class with me in Dallas can attest to the fact that I am really not coordinated when it comes to choreography! On the step or in a combat class.

I am sleeping better and I sweat like crazy in the classes. So can't complain really.

So next time you are working out, doing whatever it is that keeps you healthy and clears your mind, have a laugh thinking of me fighting imaginary people in Scotland!

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