Sunday, 24 August 2008

Mammoth Rocks!

On Friday the 1st of August, we left Aunt Alison and Uncle John's house in Alamo, California for the 5 hour drive through Yosemite to Mammoth Lakes, California. If you are reading this, you may already know that Scott's maternal grandmother, Helen Christopher, grew up spending her summers in Mammoth and that her family's cabin is one of our favorite places to be!

On the way there, we met Mims and Gramps (my parents), who were driving to Mammoth from Reno that day, at the Mobile Station's Whoa Nellie Deli on the Eastern edge of Tioga Pass. It never disappoints with it's view of Mono Lake and the fantastic food! This was a great way to begin our time in the Eastern Sierras!

As always, we were thrilled to reach Mammoth and the cool mountain air. Our friends, the Brockettes, were arriving the next day to join us for the first week. So we settled into the cabin and got ready for their visit.
Then Pat, Michele, Allison, Ryan and Carson Brockette arrived Saturday afternoon and we had non-stop fun for the next 6 days enjoying all that Mammoth has to offer. Allison tolerated the 5 boys with grace and patience; the boys were thrilled to have buddies to explore with; and Scott and I thoroughly enjoyed having Pat and Michele to chat with around the fire in the evenings. Some of the highlights include: Trolling Lake George, Fishing the Secret Hole on the Stream, bear sightings, Riding our bikes on Sherwin Street, The Zip Line and the Rock Climbing Wall, June Lake with the Amie Jamie and Kayaks, Mountain Biking, Devil's Postpile Monument, Smores over the fire at the Cabin, the Earthquake Fault, Rock Creek Hike and the Grilled Cheese and Pie afterward, and just playing around the cabins. It was a brilliant week that went by way too fast! It was so hard to say goodbye but we are hoping that even after a full week with the Nicols, the Brockettes will want to see us again soon!

After the Brockettes left, we spent the next week doing more of the same fun stuff, this time with Mims and Gramps. We went to the Skate Park, Fed the Ducks, Fished some more, rode our bikes a lot more and just soaked up the sun and enjoyed all things outdoors.

Mims and Gramps had each Nicol boy for a sleepover by themselves and even all for one night so that Scott and I could have a date night and hike one day. We chose to hike to Lake Dorothy above Lake Convict (we've always wanted to try it) and when we asked at the Ranger Station if it was passable (sometimes the creek is so high you can't follow the trail), they said yes, it was fine but warned that it was strenuous and rocky. With a little too much confidence, and without much thought, we headed out for this 6 1/2 mile (one way) hike to climb the 3000 feet from top to bottom. Well, the altitude and the rocks got the best of us! It was the most challenging hike we've done. Beautiful, Rocky, Strenuous and hot. We made it though, only because we are both stubborn and determined! The lake was gorgeous and the fish were plentiful! It was a wonderful day all things considered!

We celebrated all of our birthdays with Mims and Gramps as Dad's is July 27th and mine is October 7th and everyone else in between. So cake and ice cream it was and we enjoyed that special time together. Our time in Mammoth came to an end before we were ready. We are always sad to leave the Christopher Cabin and the Mammoth scenery, but we had to keep moving as we were winding down our trip and beginning our journey east. Thanks to Mims and Gramps for all that you do and for sharing your time with us in Mammoth! We love you.

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