Saturday, 23 August 2008

Great Grandma Nicol's 90th Birthday

Next we headed further West to meet Scott in California to visit his Grandmother in celebration of her 90th birthday! We had a wonderful day with Great Grandma at her home, having lunch at Mankas Corner and visiting her old ranch. We picked fruit from the ranch and then headed back to her house where Aunt Alison and Uncle John were meeting us for dinner. We also enjoyed catching up with Aunt Mary Marcha and cousin Ariel while we were there!

The quote of the trip may have been that Christopher shouted "well she doesn't look 90!" as Grandma came out to greet us upon arrival! And she certainly doesn't! She's as healthy as can be and we were so grateful to spend that day with her so our boys will know what a special Grandma she is.

Happy Birthday Great Grandma and many, many more!

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