Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Saxophone & Fencing

A few weeks ago, Ethan had a chance to start Saxophone lessons at school and to join a Fencing Club. His Saxophone lessons are once a week during school hours and he is really enjoying it. It's nice to hear him practice and he has a new interest in all types of music.

He also joined a Fencing Club (no, not the ones that keep cattle in one place), you know fighting with swords. He loves it and apparently is a natural. It's a big group of children and adults that meet regularly and travel all over for competitions. He is one of the youngest in the group and the particular practice that we go to is not the most competitive group so that is nice while learning. Each time he has been, one of the coaches has given him a 30 minute tutorial and then he gets a chance to practice with the children his age. I'll take some pictures at the next practice, I've just forgotten my camera so far.

Lots of new (to the Nicols) things to try and experience while we are here!

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