Wednesday, 30 January 2008


We took for granted many conveniences in Texas and one of those is the availability of ice for your beverages. We do not have an ice maker in our dorm fridge and we can sometimes buy bags of ice in the store (not always as it seems to be seasonal). When you ask where bagged ice might be in the store the associates usually chuckle! So what did our friends turn us on to to solve our dilemma? Ice Bags. You hold a bag much like a Ziploc under the tap, fill it up and pop it in the freezer. The little bags are perforated so that each one make approximately 18 cubes. Viola'! You now have ice. These bags can be found in the grocery store right next to the household paper goods in a box just like baggies.

When we were in Louisiana during the Christmas holiday, we had the luxury of staying at my brother's newly completed lake house. It's enormous and has no less than 5 Ice Makers/machines (an industrial one to boot!). So when Scott was filling the baggies last weekend so we could have a proper Vodka and Tonic, he noted that he "really couldn't imagine Uncle Chris filling baggies to get a few ice cubes!" He just might if he were here without an ice machine!

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