Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Beach Anyone??

It stops raining for 24 hours and we had the crazy idea that it would be a nice day to get outside and well, go to the beach? It's only 30 minutes away. I'm sure it's beautiful; rocks, green hills, islands in the distance......and it was but it's ............WELL, it's still January in Scotland!

Last Saturday morning we put on our long underwear, packed a picnic and headed to the West Coast of Scotland. It was a nice day (it was not pouring down rain and the temperature was above freezing) and we were itching to do a little more exploring. So off we went with our ski jackets, gloves and mittens and we headed West. The drive was beautiful; rolling green hills, old stone walls, century old farm houses and sheep!

We stopped at a beach in Langhouse and hopped out to play in the sand. The rocks were beautiful and the boys immediately started climbing! We collected shells and rocks, explored the seaweed piles and walked up and down the beach. It really was a "brilliant" afternoon but man, it is REALLY cold in January on the beach in Scotland. The boys lasted much longer than Scott and I. When we couldn't feel our toes, we drove to a park in the nearest town to ride our skateboards and enjoy our picnic but literally were frozen in 15 minutes so we headed home to our cozy house for our picnic!

We really must go back there in August, I'm sure it's lovely! When we went to dinner Saturday night (blog to come on that as well) and people heard about our day; they laughed in our face! We had a great day but I think we'll stick to the museums in the winter!

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