Friday, 30 November 2007

Still Unpacking....

Hi everyone. Sorry it's been awhile since the MacNicols have done anything exciting. We're still unpacking.

Do you know that game Rush Hour by Think Fun? If you've never played, it's a 3-D puzzle with cars and trucks and they are in a scramble blocking traffic. Well, you have to let the taxi through so you move the brown car up one space to move the green truck over 2 spaces to let the yellow bus down one space all without lifting the pieces. Are you with me?? It's a great game but it's all I can think about every time I try to find something that we've put away. You see, everything needs to have a place in this little house and as we unpack things and tuck them away, I am noticing the effort it is going to take to find each thing again! Things are stacked and organized into baskets and cupboards but I just know that the platter I need is the one on the bottom in the back which means I'll be playing Rush Hour to get it! And the shoes Scott wanted to wear this morning required an extension ladder just to get them down!

As we unpack all of this STUFF that we own, we wonder why we own so much STUFF. Even though we thoroughly cleaned out our closets, toys and things that sit on tables, we seem to still have plenty of all of the above! We are again cleaning out for a trip to the Salvation Army. (I think we've been good this year so I am anticipating more STUFF to arrive in a few weeks.)

We are preparing to host a Thanksgiving Lunch this Sunday for our friends so we have been busy getting the house in order and I have been busy visiting all of the grocery stores looking for the ingredients we need! Yesterday, I found a Mexican Deli that stocks grocery products from the US and Mexico! YIPPEE, YAHOO. This is what came home in my bag: Negra Modelo, Real Flour Tortillas, Arriba Salsa (3 jars), and Hidden Valley Ranch! The boys polished off the bottle of Ranch with their pizza and carrots last night and Scott almost polished off the beer! Tonight we are having tacos so the rest will be gone soon! I went into the deli in search of Karo Syrup and Canned Pumpkin but they were sold out because of Thanksgiving. That's what I get for waiting! It will certainly be a place I visit often and I look forward to going back again! (For my Louisiana friends, they even had Dixie beer! I'm bringing Lupe a bottle of Shiner after Christmas! If he can stock Dixie, then surely he can stock Shiner.)

We look forward to seeing you all in a few weeks! I'm off to unpack and bake....

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Vanessa said...

Yippee, yahoo, indeed! I understand ALL of this post: the happiness about being with your stuff again, the wonder (and a little sadness) about how you got so attached to all of that stuff, the yearning for good Tex-Mex (or at least the ingredients so that you can make your own)....I get all of this!

If it makes you feel any better, we still have one room that has boxes and, um, random knick-knacks in it. (Who needs knick-knacks? Why do we have so many of them? Truly, it feels sinful at some level. Ugh.) Anyway, we moved--and just to another state--in July. My point is that you shouldn't put too much pressure on yourself. It will happen!

My only sadness is that we won't see you stateside when you're back for holidays. Boo hoo! Maybe in the spring/summer of 2008.