Sunday, 21 October 2007

And they're off....

Our departure for our opportunity abroad was finally here! It was bittersweet as leaving family and friends was harded than we could have imagined but we were ready to start our adventure. After the crazy week preceeding our departure, getting on a plane for an overnight flight with three children seemed like a relaxing day. We had an uneventful journey even though it was pouring rain in Dallas as our plane took off.

The boys were excited as we were finally going somewhere! To Scotland or bust.

We arrived in Glasgow, Scotland, Tuesday morning, October 16th to sunny skies and chilly temperatures. We hailed 2 large cabs after waiting in the Q for 20 minutes and headed to our new home with our 14 suitcases. The boys were excited to meet the family living below as they have 2 girls, Jessica (4) and Georgia (18 mos.), and they were playing in the back yard when we arrived. All 3 boys quickly claimed their rooms in their new home and immediately found the attic playroom. The house became a home instantly with laughter, noise and three stinky boys to fill the space! Now living above another family will be a new challenge as I'm sure you all will agree. With no furniture in the house, every little noise echoes throughout the house and my new mantra is, SHHHHHHHHHH! Scott and I just tried to keep our eyes open and the boys in the yard so we could get through that first jet lagged day. More on the first couple of days soon.......Putting the boys to bed as their first day of school is tomorrow!


Southern Fitzs said...

great to hear from you. we have had a wonderful weekend, golf & spa yesterday, beautiful weather today, color is magnificent. Hope the boys have a great week at school.

Hugs to all, love ya M & G

McCartts said...

Glad to hear you all arrived safely and everyone is doing well. Can't wait to keep track of all of your adventures. We miss you all!

Lots of love from Texas. The McCartts

lmroberts said...

We are so happy to hear you have arrived safely and are settling in! We LOVE the blog and the photos! Keep blogging!
WARM wishes from Texas (87 degrees today!),
The Roberts

James said...

The Stewarts are glad to hear things are going well. It's not the same "under the tree" with out you Nicols!

Can't wait for the next entry...hope it includes a photo of the trio in their school uniforms.

Evan says he will be happy to fill you in on any American football news you are lacking, just shoot him an email!

Take care! Love, from Clan Stewart

Monty McSinks and Mom said...

How bout them Colts...MHE Colts that is...we won 8-6 yesterday. We missed #44. Love the blog and will check it daily.

Now a word from our sponsor...Monty McSinks..."Still with you sir...see you at Christmas.

Love, Monty McSinks and Mom

Todd said...

So great to see and hear about the adventures of the move. We have had a great weekend with Mom and Dad. The boys would love this place - you can rent hummers and drive a course, shotguns and shoot clays, and see tigers, zebras, and a moose. Hope the boys have a great first week. Love to you all. Todd, Amy, and Stella

Vanessa said...

Yay Team Nicol! I love getting this update and these pictures. Thank you! It is great to know that you are there safely and getting ready to move in; I was thinking of you all of last week. I'm joining the list of folks who want to see those sweet boys in their school uniforms. Keep posting!


Hannah said...

I had fun reading your blog and looking at the pictures. The boys look like they are having fun. It was funny and sad to look at the pictures because I miss yall sooooooo much. Tell the boys I said hello and I love them. See you soon.
Hannah FitzGerald